Friday, August 13, 2010


I proudly present.... (drumroll) Finally the new Kiki n Lola stock!!!
For all you Joburg beauties make a point to swing past the
Spring Fair 29.08.10 Rhode Park in KENSINGTON



This unique piece leaves in mind the image of the rays of the sun. Hence the name...


This fun set is going for a cool look on hot summer day!

The girlfriend can share this with her boyf. She can keep the earbobs and have him keep the necklace :-)

I love this colour and had a hard time putting this elegant short string for sale I so wanted ity for myself but practicality must rule - sigh

I hope you love it too

It compliments denim if used casually but looks fab with evening outfits in flowing soft fabrics



This beautiful long string is reminiscent of the blue beads that were traditionally used by young Xhosa men and i've taken the liberty to "borrow" the concept for this piece

length +- 60cms long


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kiki n Lola SPECIAL

Free key ring with every R200 purchase

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Necklaces, Ear-Rings & Bracelets To be Showcased Soon

After much drama, where the courier company was delayed in delivering the new stock and (at some stage) the recipient was not home to receive the package, my new stock of necklaces, ear-rings and bracelets is now in Joburg with my friend Damaria Senne.

She's going to take photos of the stock and then upload them on this blog and the Etsy store, making them avalable for sale.

I hope you love them when you see them.